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Energised On: 17/07/2018
Competent Person: Andy Middleton
Contact no: +4407719149644
Address: Click map view location


Andy, I believe you were looking for an update with regards to the possibility of being able to return to generating from your “Martholme Grange WwTw” site. As of 16:00hrs today we have located the fault position, unfortunately it is in the carriageway and needs full traffic management to allow for the excavation / repairs of the cables, which our civil contractors cannot provide fully until tomorrow. We are hopeful that excavation and repair of the fault may all take place tomorrow, with an earliest expected restoration of the network then aimed for Sunday. Obviously, this will depend on many factors, staff available for the repairs, what difficulties we encounter upon completing the excavation and also whether we need to lay a significant amount of cable at the fault position to replace the failed cable section etc, so it may well not be Sunday, but possibly Monday… at this time though, if all goes to plan, our field staff are saying the best expectation would be Sunday. The control room staff who are on this weekend will be able to offer an update of where we are at with the repairs if you need to contact us, use your normal contact numbers. Regards,